• School Spirit

    Did you know school spirit can improve a student’s commitment to education? It also can create a positive learning environment, and that makes going to school so exciting! Stand proud by wearing customized apparel of your school colors!

  • Custom Handbags

    Limited quantities, limited colors, limited styles.

  • Construction & Trades

    Have your construction shirts & contractor clothing embroidered or printed with your company logo. Hi-vis shirts, jackets, vests and more available for customization as well.

  • Healthcare Professionals

    In healthcare, all staff members should be clearly named and their designation identified. To fulfill this, we create custom lab coats and scrubs, as well as corporate apparel for the healthcare industry.

  • Small Business

    Promote your business in a cost-effective way with logo business apparel. Embroidered Polo shirts for your staff, to t-shirts for an upcoming event will give your business a unified, professional look.

Our Products

From Unique handbags, Group events, Family reunions, and Corporate functions to monogramming shirt cuffs, Chef Whites & workwear, our products come from a leader in the industry and top brands to ensure quality in every item.

The importance of branded workwear

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    A sense of belonging

    Feeling like a part of a team is a main factor to Job satisfaction and makes everyone feel valued, boosting morale and productivity.

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    A Sense of Pride

    When staff look and feel the part in branded workwear they can gain a sense of pride in the workplace. It is encouraging to know that you are representing a business that takes pride in the appearance of their staff.

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    Increased efficiency & Productivity

    A uniform may not be suitable in every industry. Only 1 in 10 people now wear a suit to work, with companies transitioning over to more relaxed forms of branded workwear. Being able to recognize staff in times of need and are less likely to blend in amongst customers. This makes them much more approachable from a customer service perspective.