About Me

My name is Terri Marcus. I am the owner of Marcus Embroidery Services. Let me tell you how I got started with embroidery and vinyl.

Years ago, my husband wanted me to have a hobby. I told him I didn’t have time for that since I worked full time and maintained a family, cats, a dog, a house. Who has time for a hobby too?

One day he surprised me with a sewing machine and proudly said “This is for your hobby”.  So, to show appreciation for his thoughtfulness, I took a basic quilting class and picked up on the elements that is needed in quilting and bought a lot of fabric over the next few years, experimenting with methods and applications and color theory. Sometimes I would pick a flower from my neighborhood and take it to the fabric store, using it to choose my colors, ending up with a set of complimenting fabrics to make my next quilt project.

Years later, I picked up a Janome single needle and incorporated that into my quilting. Then I saw an advertisement for a Brother 10 needle machine and thought, ‘wow, the possibilities!’ I made that a reality in 2016 with the purchase of the PR1000E. I created something and posted it on Facebook.  A friend, who owns a cleaning business saw my post and called me, “You embroider? I have 10 shirts that need my logo, can you do them?”. After doing his shirts for a while, he asked me, “do you have a heat press?”.  After doing my research on what can be done with heat presses, I picked up a 16X20 Hotronix heat press.  A cap press followed, and then a vinyl cutter.

Sometimes you never know how one decision can open doors you never knew existed. I never imagined myself as a business owner with machines in my home. I really enjoy creating beautiful things for people. Learning new ways to decorate with embroidery and vinyl has been a fun journey.

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